Illustration / Silkscreen

Testprint <3

7 colors screenprint on a 100x70 cm ( 39.4x27.6 in ) 300 gr Munken paper.

So i was asked to make a print and the theme was “the river”. So i did this one.

It a 25 cm square ( 9.8 in ) and even if it doesn’t seem so it’s done in five colors.

And it’s available in the store. Just say’ing.

Test print <3

Wasn&#8217;t to sure about printing this one, apparently i did. I should call it&#160;: &#8220;Yes i do like Jon McNaught&#8221;
Work in progress&#8230;

Another one with Eric Battu.

Here’s another print from a Fabienne Cinquin's collage. With a thin silver color ( hard to get it on the photo ).

15x20 cm

I guess it kind of works&#8230; 

Here’s another print with Fabienne Cinquin

Only 20 as i wasn’t confident at all about the result.

( 23x29,7 cm )

Just found this new toy on the flea market&#160;!

I wish i had a better camera for this one from Eric Battu.